Svastha Yoga Therapy Training – Module 1 LOW BACK, SACRUM, HIPS, KNEES, FEET – English


We are ready to start with Module 1.

Module 1 will be held in Italian language.

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Module 1 will start on Saturday the 25th of July and finish on Wednesday the 29th of July 2020.

Course is running the first day from 10am to 5pm and the other days from 9am to 5 pm with a break of 90 minutes. 

On the last day, we will stop at 3 pm with a shorter break of one hour.

For the module, Svastha will issue a certificate, and after 7 modules, the overall certificate will be issued.

The cost for the module is 690 Euro.


About the location: Gallarate is a very nice place, not a big city, 55,000 inhabitants, very close to Malpensa, the international airport of Milano. Low cost company as Easy Jet fly from Malpensa (10 minutes by car from Gallarate, 15minutes by train). The city is close to Lake Maggiore and to the mountains.

There are a lot of hotels and B&B, so is very easy to find a place to stay. ( see the list in a different article in the blog)

In center of town, where the course will be held, there are a lot of restaurants, pizzerias, supermarkets and shops.



15 minutes by foot there is a very good supermarket ESSELUNGA


PostPorta (5 minutes)

Indirizzo: Via Postporta, 9, 21013 Gallarate VA

Telefono345 210 6649

Il melograno (10 minutes)

Indirizzo: Corso Sempione, 23, 21013 Gallarate VA

Telefono0331 786272

Il cortile (10 minutes)

Indirizzo: Via F.Cavallotti, 17, 21013 Gallarate VA

Telefono338 365 6751

N15 (10 minutes)

Indirizzo: Via G. Ferraris, 15, 21013 Gallarate VA

Telefono335 818 5750

I DUE NOCI – Cinzia – (only by car, the owner can drive you)

Indirizzo: Via Amalfi, 7, 21010 Cardano Al Campo VA

Telefono349 351 9048


Astoria (5 minutes)

Indirizzo: Piazza Risorgimento, 9A, 21013 Gallarate VA

Telefono0331 791043

La Nuova rotaia (5 minutes)

Indirizzo: Via Cesare Beccaria, 6, 21013 Gallarate VA

Telefono0331 796180


The yoga shala is in the center of the city, close to the main church and 5 minutes walk from the train station that leads to Milano and to the airport.

The address of the Yoga School where the module will be held is: Karmachakra Via Verdi, 4 – 21013 Gallarate (VA). You can find it in google.


If you want to book your place we are ready.

It will be very nice to have you onboard on this great adventure in knowledge.

Please see the payment details for the direct bank transfer below.

The place is held on the reception of the payment.

The fee includes an handbook that contains the slides of the module

>> amount: 690 EUR (no early birds)

>> recipient: ASD Karmachakra, Via Verdi, 4 – 2013 Gallarate Italy

>> account: IBAN number: IT15L0503450240000000005897

>> stating: Module 1 + YOUR NAME


UP to 6 weeks before the starting date of the workshop the all fee will be refund except 35E for processing and administration.

For cancellation up to 2 weeks in advance 50% of the fee will be deducted.

From 2 weeks before the event the full fee will be deducted.

You can name a substitute participant at any time before the start of the course.

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1. Functional therapeutic anatomy of the lumbar spine, hips, knees, feet. What anatomy matters? Observation, palpation, and assessment of structure and function. Making structure and function practical.

2. Function-oriented approach to the locomotor system as applied to the above areas. The heart of practical teaching.

a. Stress reduction

b. Awareness and mind-body connection

c. Functional alignment

d. Strength, endurance, and stability

e. Release, support

f. Mobilization

g. Stretching

h. Daily life practices

3. Systematic presentation of disorders of the lumbar spine, pelvis, and lower limb, especially as relevant to yoga teachers: causes, development, typical presentation, functional approach, and guidelines. For example:

a. Intervertebral disc problems

b. Instability, facet joint problems

c. Sacroiliac joint dysfunction

d. Soft tissue related disorders (muscles, ligaments, tendons)

e. Hip and knee arthritis

f. Meniscal and ligament tears of the knee

g. Dropped arches and hallux valgus.

4. What a yoga teacher needs to know about the modern medical treatments available and the role of surgery.

5. Neurobiological and systems perspective of dysfunction and pain as a complex output of the nervous system and other organ systems rather than a mechanical phenomenon, and how a holistic yoga approach helps deal with it.

6. Connecting the principles of classical yoga with modern rehabilitation: taking a holistic view, trajectory of disorders, patterns of life imbalances, role of gunas and doshas etc.

7. Outline of ayurvedic perspective and commonly used ayurvedic herbs.


· You want to transform and deepen your teaching, perspective, and practice on a sound lifelong foundation.

· You want your classes to be inclusive, addressing the needs of students of all ages, and health limitations.

· You want to reach a wider audience with yoga and self-care teachings, both therapeutic and preventive.


Credentials and sources: the program is rooted in the sensible teachings of traditional yoga, and clear and scientifically sound from a medical perspective.

Networking and collaboration: we have 15+ locations now internationally and are growing.

Openness and progression: we take the best ideas from our experienced members and propagate them.

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