Module 3 will start on Monday the 29thof July and finish on Friday the 2ndof August.

Course is running the first day from 10am to 5pm and the other days from 9am to 5 pm with a break of 90 minutes. 

On the last day, we will stop at 3 pm with a shorter break of one hour.

The language will be English with translation into Italian.

For the module, Svastha will issue a certificate, and after 7 modules, the overall certificate will be issued.


The cost for the module is 690 Euro. A little more than other location due to taxes.


About the location: Gallarate is a very nice place, not a big city, 55,000 inhabitants, very close to the international airport of Milano. Low cost company as Easy Jet fly from Malpensa (10 minutes by car from Gallarate, 15minutes by train). The city is close to lake maggiore and to the mountains.

There are a lot of hotels and B&B, so is very easy to find a place to stay. 

In center of town, where the course will be held, there are a lot of restaurants, pizzerias, supermarkets and shops.

The yoga shala is in center and 5 minutes walk from the train station that leads to Milano and to the airport.

The address of the Yoga School where the module will be held is: Karmachakra Via Verdi, 4 – Gallarate (VA)

If you want to book your place we are ready.

It will be very nice to have you onboard on this great adventure in knowledge.


Please see the payment details for the direct bank transfer below.

The place is held on the reception of the payment.

The fee includes an handbook that contains the slide of the module

>> amount: 690 EUR (no early birds)

>> recipient: ASD Karmachakra, Via Verdi, 4 – 2013 Gallarate Italy

>> account: IBAN number:IT15L0503450240000000005897

>> stating: Module 3 + YOUR NAME


Up to 6 weeks before the starting date of the workshop the all fee will be refund except 35 Euro for bank expenses, processing and administration.

For cancellation up to 2 weeks before the start of the event, 50% of the fee will be deducted.

From 2 weeks before the event, the full fee will be deducted.

You can name a substitute participant at any time before the start of the course..


Breath Internal Medicine and Breath

  1. Experience and understand the functional anatomy and pathology of different breathing patterns.
  2. Analyze and modify breathing patterns in different asana to address the needs of the student.
  3. Functional approach to the breath using conscious modulation, gravity, body position, muscle action, relaxation etc.
  4. Progressively sequencing the breath for students in steps from abdominal breathing to chest breathing, deep breathing, long breathing, and the bandhas.
  5. Using sound and chanting to work on the breath therapeutically.
  6. Disorder based considerations for specific conditions. For example, in respiratory and cardiovascular systems:
    a. Asthma
    b. COPD and other breathing difficulties
    c. Holistic approach to prevention and therapy of heart disease
    d. High and low blood pressure
    e. Heart failure
  7. Safety considerations in yoga sessions for clients with respiratory and cardiovascular issues, breathing difficulty and respiratory diseases.
  8. Orientation on relevant disease-related ayurvedic guidelines concerning lifestyle, diet, and useful herbs.
  9. Application of relevant traditional yoga concepts e.g. Brmhana, Langhana.

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